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IOS Development

We all know that this revolutionary technology has changed the way we see mobile phones as part of our lives. Not only in foreign countries but in India also Apple co. is trying to target each and every segment of customers present in the market. Analyzing this, we know that if one has to outshine amongst others, shaking hands with iOS development is not a big deal. Any type of iOS app you need, come to us we are always ready.

Android Development

Android operating system is the most dominant amongst all platforms existing around the globe. This is the most promising reason that “DT loves Android”. Most dominating means most widely used and it further means generation of huge business opportunities and we don’t hesitate in giving a tag of “opportunist” to ourselves.

Responsive Web

Apps, apps and apps!!! Web is what makes each and every bit of information reach end-to-end in an efficient manner. We give you best responsive web designs with killer UI and top-notch features. Responsive web designs are one of the effective ways to market yourself, thanks to the Internet which has transformed the whole IT world into something which always keeps you excited. Come and be a part of this revolution with DT.

Backend Management

Want more flexibility and freedom to grow with market and attain a great pace, we can provide you with back-end-as-service. Any CRM integration, storage, push notifications, and security for your important data can be handled by DT. Do you need client management, cloud services and integration with social networks we did, we can and we will do this.


“Internet Of Things” is getting more and more attention than anything in the world. The concept is getting implemented in our daily lives at such a great pace that even we are not able to notice. DT is never off road in updating itself regarding any latest technical advancement. Rather we believe in implementing the latest technologies and serve the society. We are having a fully skilled and updated team which works on the concept of IOT to provide solutions to all your problems.

Wearables and Beacons

Our world is moving at a rapid pace towards such devices and technology which are mobile as well as wearable. It’s not a new thing that you are hearing about smart glasses and watches. The concept oft wearables and beacons is becoming very popular and is very much ready to implement.

Our recently Completed Project

Just Thanks

JustThank is a "Social Value" network that provides a simple way to express your gratitude towards other people, friends and family, anytime and any where. JustThank is free and offers simple, secure, reliable way to express your emotions and gratitude, available on phones all over the world.

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