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How to build a cost-effective laundry app like Cleanly?

How to build a cost-effective laundry app like Cleanly?

Tired of fiddling with dirty clothing? and got no time to perform those tedious laundry chores?


An on-demand laundry app is an online stage intended to take care of all your dirty clothes cleaning needs. On-demand services have become an integral part of an individual's day-to-day life. Dry cleaning and laundry services have become famous in the light of the fact that they enable individuals to commit their time towards vital or charming exercises as opposed to washing.

In this highly focused and combative industry of start-ups, the on-demand laundry segment has gained major popularity and is exceptionally competitive. The on-demand laundry services have become a necessary piece of administration in this ever-growing service industry.

Technology that's firm, authentic, reliable and cutting edge serves as the backbone for on-demand laundry services. Imperative functions such as receiving bookings, placing orders and carrying forward other mandatory functions are made possible with the help of such advanced technology.

The on-demand tech laundry apps have made the process/procedure of washing and dry cleaning/ clean drying swift, easy and user-oriented. With the help of these on-demand services, laundry is just a click away from the customers.

This is how an on-demand laundry app works/ steps involved in the working/functioning of an on-demand laundry service app

  • PLACING AN ORDER- Customers place their orders and select a suitable time for pick-up using a website or an app.
  • SPOT PICK-UPS- A delivery pilot is appointed to pick-up the clothes from the destination after the order is placed by the customer, to the laundry.
  • CLEANING/LAUNDRY- After the placement of the order and its pick-up, a crew of professionals washes, dries and irons the clothes.
  • DROP OFF/ FINAL DELIVERY- After the clothes have been cleaned and quality double-checked, they are disposed of for delivery to the clients. The customers can use GPS to track their orders and location of the concerned delivery person.


Like life comes a full circle, laundry too comes a full circle but with the help of on-demand services designed for the convenience of the customers. On-demand laundry services have soared noticeably in the past few years. But the question is why go for these services? the answer lies here-

  • All services- just a single click away- The complete process of extending services from providing the option of placement of orders, to scheduling the time for timely and convenient deliveries, the on-demand laundry services have added value and simplified the life of the customers.
  • A variety of services- From washing to dry cleaning, to selecting organic whiffs for clothes, the customers can hand pick the choicest of services they would like to avail.
  • A boost to entrepreneurial business ventures- A conventional laundry business requires a considerable amount of monetary outlay/funding, time and effort to increase the inflow of income. All these costs can be narrowed and give the business a kick start by opting for on-demand laundry services which imparts the customers with a unique process of doing laundry.
  • Establishment without direct funding- The origination of umpteen number of on-demand laundry services has the changed the way the market operates/market trends. companies like Cleanly, Zipjet, Wash box, Urban Dhobi, pick my laundry and many others have grown considerably over the past few years and managed to generate some good revenue margins to sit at the top position of the on-demand service driven industry.


The steps involved in the process of structuring/building of an on-demand laundry app consist of the development of a consumer's app, a delivery app, a laundry app and an admin panel.


Client information including personal details such as full name, address and contact no. are stored in the consumer app. It enables users to:

» Register via Google+ and Facebook or sign up with Email ID and login.

» Plan the pickup and drop off schedules.

» Calculate the service cost.

» Choose the mode of payment (which?).

» Select the services to be availed and check prices.

» Track your order and get prior notifications.

» Customers can review the services and view order history/summary/place a query.


After receiving an order from the customer, it is then transferred to the delivery app. With this app, employees can-

» Validate orders

» Gather information regarding orders, along with the pick-up and drop off time. ( gather essential information about/regarding clients)

» Affix locations on the maps and develop a fast and swift route for order pickups and deliveries.

» Insert changes according to the status of the order from the time of pickup to the time of delivery.


The delivery app is linked to the laundry app. The laundry app is incorporated with information regarding orders such as order number, type of service availed (which service), details about materials used etc.

After the completion of an order, the control of operations returns to the delivery app. The laundry app contains information about-

» Client information

» Order summary

» Statistics and analytics

» Data about employees

» Maps, calendars, and navigation

» Payments management

At DevelopTech, we focus on dispensing the best in class on-demand laundry apps. We associate with top laundries and create the most cost-effective apps for you.

For business inquiries contact us on: +91 9780131208, +91 9780131210 or mail us at: info@develop-tech.com

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